Wednesday’s Good Morning

I win my alarm at the race.
My eyes are closed. I have 5 minutes to say grace.
“God, thank you for this place. I’m alive and breathing. That’s enough to never question my faith.”
I roll my body up, my feet touch the ground, and I open my eyes.
“You have sight you are blessed”
that’s enough to never have a frown.
Time for hot water showers, my ritual and power.
“God, let your water cleanse me of my sins and enemies.”
My God is super natural. He’s my entity. I’m fresh and I’m clean, but what about the inside of me 1 offer to his temple, Glory.
“Lord blessed I am for your quantities. Bless my meals. Bless who do not have. Bring peace, love, and understanding to the people of your land”.
I’m in this land. I’m in this land. I don’t know if I’m in this land, or if I’m detached. I arrive to pick my favorite tree. If only you knew, I have so many favorite trees. I sleep on the grass. I enjoy sleeping on grass. What worries, sins, and enemies? When you’re blessed beyond measured levels of the eye can see.
Today I wish I was on pasture land.


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