Book 1-2

It’s been a while since I wrote in first person. Truth be told, I’m in unfamiliar territory.  It was one of those days.  Man, but the sky was so blue. The mountains were sharp, too.  I’m waiting for 80 degree sunsets, but the sun beats me with 90.  It was one of those days. I sat in hot car and thought about the future. I’m in transition, She’s reminded that the future we can never see. I’ll admit that’s at times most frustrating. My car isn’t starting. Add to the list of my anxiousness, memories, and worries. I’m in so many illusions. it was one of those days. Yet, I sat there with a full belly, happy. I walked down the hall way there I saw many books. For who? It said, “Free Books”. Here I go collecting more than I should.

I’m riding the waves of creative moods. I enjoy titles and front covers, show love to knowledge in books with pretty colors, that is my Mood. Creatives, must also be amused. Share love and compassion the world ends up Thanking You. Books for looks, I read cluster samples of Book 1-2,Book 1-2, Book 1-0


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