Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon, another cycle complete.


I’m unwinding and it’s only the peak. I push boundaries now it’s time to refocus on me. Hibernation is over, Spring blooms. She blooms. I’ve discovered what I seek.

I dive in levels of discomfort. I fly to new levels of imagination. I’m finding the strength in my weak, it’s the beginning of blind trust and clarity. My craft is distinct. Full Moon, where are the Ones like me? I breathe pray practice repeat. Faith in spirituality She travels creative waves of mood. They’re falling back asleep. I’m running back and away for love, comfort, and nurturing. My winter hibernation is complete. Species, we leave social realities. I wonder who I am in the Spring? I wonder who She is in the Spring? Hibernation complete. Sun and flowers vibrant for She. Time outside, I’m fading in and out of memory.

Happy Full Moon blessings~

Blessed is this new path and Season for us all.

Peace, Love, &Prosperity



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