Social Disclaimer

Hi Readers,

It’s difficult to get messages across clearly with out the use of my voice, but I’m up for the challenge. Soon, I’ll release film to truly invite my readers to understand the intent of my Social Project. For now, I ask kindly that you do not take anything personal or as an attack. I’m truly trying to create social change on how we perceive diverse individuals. I’ve stated previously that I have versatile inspirations and interests, thus I want my readers to have a piece of me while also altering the perspective of how we as a society accept certain norms and values. Notice how your perception of me changes by the content I produce. I will remain mute for a bit longer to study how certain content interacts with audience. However, some of my readers don’t know me personally therefore it’s easy to judge without having background on who I actually am. Again, I’m up for the challenge. I would like to reassure you that my mission is to spread love in every corner of life, even with individuals and cultures that are considered “controversial”. It’s important to be aware of the diverse array of Humans to become familiar with the unfamilar. I’m in solidarity with  you all, and I hope you can be in solidarity with me too. Humans are versatile. Let’s love each of them, even the ones we may not understand. Reminder to be open to the many outlets of expression and to take into account how socioeconomic background plays a role in forms of expression. To create change it’s my obligation to offer different perspectives. 

Much love ya’ll

Peace out,

I’m off to Stats 😦


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