New Moon: Awake

New Moon,

What was that? I have no clue. A pearl in a clamshell, She shows then preserves. I’m ready, are you? I guess it’s time. I truly had no clue. Who directed Who?  I’d be lost without You. I move, I move. I’d be lost with out You. New Moon, I wait patiently for you. Forever, you are my muse. Awakenings, pay attention. Listen closely, some are called for New. She’s calling you. Stay focused, new time. You’ll know if this is for you. There are more than a few. Time for peace. I’ll see you in the future soon.  There are more than a few. Pay attention, you’re far from reach. New Moon: Awake: part two (2). God Bless our Creativity:

“Stay true to core in you. I forever love you.

I’m dizzy. I see humming birds, how about you?

New Moon Blessings,




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