The Great Depression

We walk in the studio for rehearsal and explore our bodies. We freestyle, I’m free. I laughed and cried at the same time because my mind and spirit couldn’t pick an emotion today.   We hold lots of energy in certain parts of our body. I’m experiencing waves in my season~ highs and lows. So, I close myself up in my bedroom away from the world. There I go again, scheming and exiting social realities. I need a break. If only you knew, I need so many breaks. They preach unite, but don’t ignite. Spirituality, Love, and Humbleness are not my trend. This is how We live. This is how I’ve lived, and the reason I’m discovering. The Great Depression, We’re use to feeling broken and happy at the same time because of the world we live in. In the mean time We dance. Robbed or inspired by She’s creativity? Look at what you do to She. What they’ve done to She’s. This is why I’m careful with humans, even though I love humanity. Things work out because life isn’t what it seems when we fail to notice the in-betweens. Our Choreographer told us  “dance and fall”.  Dance and fall, but I fall and dance.

I sat outside the math building and cried while the sun glistened in front of me. I was a display. I wanted to hide my face, but I also really yearned for Sun. She turned to me and said “you’re broken”. I didn’t notice. There I sat with trees surrounding me. I wanted to dance. Pretty trees. I wanted to dance in your space. I’m low. The Trees looked down and said “She Grows, and you won’t be anymore.”


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