The Emergence of She

I’m amused by February’s creative process; vibrations are high. I’m enchanted by She’s evolution. She’s healing and moving free. A tad flirtatious and flamboyant due to the love in the air. She’s a character that embodies the seasons. She inhales~She exhales.

Icy wind in her lungs is nice.

She is an alias that I created, an individual who embodies feminine and masculine characteristic. [Gender is a social construct] Therefore, She is who ever She is. I am She.

I created She during a painful stage in my life. Some of you read in previous posts I experienced heart break for the first time last year. Heart break was the most unfamiliar pain for a sensitive individual like myself. I was unable to write in first person. She became my defense mechanism and power. She- an alias- to progress and heal. The concept empowered me. I created a strong illusion from weakness, but only I know how I felt inside.  I consider myself a “Life Painter” because I take pleasure in amplifying life’s canvas with real good vibes. She is a depiction of me, but also I use the pronoun to refer to other women I’ve had conversations with. Sometimes I don’t create a distinction between two or more characters. Instead, I morph a situation, and remake the perspective as single character’s stand point, a.k.a. She. In creating one character, I establish one organism, which personifies and displays human emotional vulnerability. The reader has an opportunity to accurately interpret the experience of an individual that identifies as She. These are the thoughts and creative evolutions of Me.

She is Art, and She is whoever identifies as She.




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