New Moon: Awake

I hear the voices, the murmurs, thoughts- the inaccurate portrayals of me, of She.

Last Spring, I cried heavily when the trees and plants outside my bedroom window were cut down. It was the hottest time of the year. I cried because I was ignorant- I thought they wouldn’t grow quickly because there hadn’t been enough rain. I thought wrong, but I’m right about my ignorance.. I didn’t know better. The World and Life teach everything has it’s timing. Every end is the start of a new beginning, just as the seasons.

I walk around my neighborhood-it’s my ritual to stroll for fresh air and search of random, yet beautiful flowers. I loved to gaze at a specific view because it had the most beautiful plants and flowers. I didn’t know better. I hadn’t paid sufficient attention to other views. One day I walk around the neighborhood hoping to find the same favorite plants. I  found that they too were cut down, like the trees outside my bedroom window. Everything I love in my neighborhood was no longer there for me to admire. My favorite views were gone. I was sad. I was attached. I continue my ritual. The plants, trees, and flowers I love were no longer there, but in a year I gained new favorite plants. I fell in love with new views… My favorites were taken from me, but I became familiar and in love with what I hadn’t paid much attention to before…

Today I walked the neighborhood. I walked to my “new” favorite sights. They were sights I’d been oblivious to. Then, on my return home I saw the old. The flowers, plants, and trees that were cut down grew again, but they were no longer my favorite view. Still, I acknowledge the view was more beautiful than how it looked in the past.

We cut down the old…all of it… to welcome the new. You were once my favorite view, but I’m no longer attached to you. I found what I’ve had, what I needed, when I lost all of you. You’re a beautiful sight, but I turn to face another direction since I’ve been oblivious to the sights calling me to view. Awake- with or with out you.

Hello first New Moon.


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