Full Moon

The first Full Moon of 2017. Here I go…

Full Moon, lately I struggle to find words to communicate. I’m experiencing necessary, yet subtle inner shifts. I find myself feeling as though I’ve been thrown up in the air. I’m up in the air, in the clouds, suspended from the real word. In the clouds I isolate to strengthen myself. In the clouds I strengthen my spirituality. In the clouds I gain a new perspective, and wait for the future to unfold. I wait for what’s necessary for me to achieve my next mission. I acknowledge that it’s vain to wait for my desires, and not for what is meant for me. I’m still. I wait…

It’s simple to pause when we consciously choose to do so. It’s too simple, for this reason Life will sometimes abruptly pause and suspend us to call forth what we fail to notice. I’m not lost, but I swim in a pool of the unknown. My head is above the water; soon I’ll submerge to familiarize with the surface beneath me. Soon the visions in front of me will become a distant memory. In this momentary pause I become acquainted with…Me. I allow the moments and changes to simmer within. I seek possibilities. I seek potential. I seek adventure. Risk. Truth. Fluidity. I fully embody me, and I pause- to rediscover what I’ve given and hidden. I choose to consciously transform yet again. In this pause,

I let go of what I selfishly yearn was, but isn’t, for me…I reclaim the most significant aspect of She: I reclaim me. I solidify who I’m meant to be. I show She to me. I’m Still. I wait…

Full Moon, another cycle complete. I’ve run out of questions because I choose not to speak. I wait patiently, and ask that you continue to bless all my potential and abilities. I wait… obediently…in action.



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