Winter is the Season

Hello New Year. Thank you for allowing me to arrive. I welcome the new.

It’s been a long time since She slept in serenity and peace. Perhaps, it’s the dark and gray. Winter is the season. With the seasons I shift physical, mental, and spiritual necessities. When an environment becomes hostile animals seek different methods to cope for survival. Fall was tough. So, Winter we sleep. We sleep deeply, and hibernate. Another layer inward She goes. Now, the season tells us we must let the Sky cry, and cultivate. Let it rain let her tears pour. Water purifies in and outside. When in need of ‘remedy’ know that Water is thee remedy for life, nature, and we. The remedy to evolve spirit, temple, and She. Water for new beginnings. Water is blessed, whether it fall from the Sky or down Human cheeks. With bears, and other species, I travel inward in need of peace. After her tears we heal. I reflect. She closes her eyes, and I question my time. I don’t question the season’s time. Yet, I question the shifts of mine. We yearn for solutions and answers.. I’m where I’m supposed to be. Before I sleep, I tell the Sky to cry for We. It’s her time. My thoughts are as large as the Sky, it causes a reply “Stay inside as I cry. It’s your time to restore and refine.” I close my eyes and fall back … I hear the Sky cry, but I stay inside while I create a mosaic of She.

Happy New Year loves! Blessed is this new path for all.





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