This year, I allowed every mood and experience to inspire me. I was extremely vulnerable, and at times ashamed of my vulnerability, but I figured this is how I cope, move on, and take pleasure in life. Earth and Life are my biggest teachers. I’m consistently taught: I cannot fit the mold because I’m not meant to. Who I am depends on the day, hour, and minute. I evolve eternally. If you knew me yesterday I apologize because you no longer know me.

I became more acquainted with my heart. I continue to share this love of mine because now I’m more capable of loving. The pains made me empathetic to human emotions and survival. I will continue to love whole-heartedly, but now I must understand whom to love. I’m playful, honest, sensitive, confident, and insecure. I am who I am. I’m open, and then I’m closed. A pearl in a clamshell, I show then preserve. Who I am evolves eternally. If you knew me this morning I apologize because you no longer know me.

As much as I try to please and love everyone, I now primarily live to please God and then myself. Laws, norms, and society have never fully satisfied me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve made my own rules- people show me love, enhance, shade, or attempt to break me. One thing is certain I’m never broken. I’m Revived.

I’ve made myself an exhibition to hopefully teach and inspire. I live and share me because I don’t believe in judgment if it doesn’t cause harm, though I confess I’ve fallen victim to the notion at times. I believe in living life to it’s fullest potential so long as it’s respectful, honorable, and in love. I avoid affliction unto others, it’s caused me to discover existing versatilities of myself, and one another. I enjoy this life. I enjoy humanity. I find delight in this breath, and I bask in this heartbeat.

I’ve left much and many behind to make room for new. The biggest lesson I learned was “Who?” Who is worth my time? Who is trustworthy? And who is worth loving? Who deserves the love and pieces of me that I share? Me. I step into 2017 seeking familiarity with Discernment. I continue to learn. Forever I learn.

I stay humble. I stay creating. I stay writing. Most importantly,
I stay loving Humans because that’s what you are to me first, Human.

With two days left in the year, I wait patiently for what’s left, but my chapter slowly comes to an end. I’m unwinding, and a refined She emerges. I loved to love all of you this year.

2017 I’ll love to love more, but I’ll love to love myself first.

Amaris Jacobs


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