The Last Full Moon.

Hello Gemini Moon, I’m ecstatic for your arrival. I’m Gemini, She’s Gemini and we have plenty to discuss…

It’s the last Full Moon of the Year, it’s no secret that we are in love with you. Many of the posts on this blog are inspired by you and your appearance. You are definitely my biggest muse, Moon. Me and She are ready to open more in our vault to heal, inspire, and conduct seducative-allurring beauty. I’m an embodiment of several characteristics, but before I talk about She, I will talk about Me, then I will gladly introduce you to the He in me. He’s been waiting patiently to be introduced, to emerge out of me, and his time has finally come.


I am Amaris Jacobs- Jah’s Promise- for my mother, father, and roots. I strive to be sweet, charming, and affectionate; qualities that I find attractive in Woman. Those who know me see and receive this side of me, but when I’m lost, confused, and broken.. “She” comes out to protect me, and She is unapologetically bold. Some fear She, and though She lives in me, I recognize that She isn’t always Me, but I love her. This is me, She, He, let me be; we all respond differently.

She speaks to Me:

Amaris, your vulnerability is your Power. We were fearless as a child. She told you, “You are like a Lotus Flower, petal by petal, unravel.” Don’t let them contour, you are empowered. Take the fire and the pain, it’s more than enough to sustain. Feel the moments to resonate, step into their World, and be their flame.

You’ve forgotten of the He that lives inside of We. Presented in Your World, but don’t restrict him from Their World. There’s a He inside of We, and you love him, just as much as Me. Let all us be together – all three. These characters come out of Me.

‘Will they think I’m crazy?’

Introduction to He within Me and She:

I am He, your masculinity- I’ve worked with She, and that is why they’ve feared your Divinity. Its not all She, don’t loathe the Hes because I am you, your He, present them to Me. Don’t stress me, I will be the one you need, for I live within you and She. Patience is a virtue, don’t you see? I am He; the only He you need. Present them to me…

Back to Me:

Gemini Moon, I seek to you for generosity, it’s the last Full Moon on the 14th of Twenty Sixteen, tell me, what’s in store for me? What do you see for Me, She, and He?

Full Moon Blessings~
Amaris Jacobs, She, & He.


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