She speaks Artistry.

Expression is important to me, and artistic outlets enable me to openly and authentically convey myself. I started using dance as an outlet to creatively and emotionally express myself when I experienced problems at home and school. As an only child, I yearned, desired, and craved a place where I could release my inner workings and thoughts, and I found that in dancing. I dance to experience bliss, it’s where I’ve found my oasis. I engage in creativity to exit the world’s social realities. Through this physical body of mine, I communicate my vulnerabilities that I don’t wish to articulate in words, and my essence experiences new levels of freedom; I return to the world refreshed and anew. Dance has stimulated my creative being, and through dance, I’ve learned the limitless boundaries of artistry. It’s inflicted curiosity into other forms of communication, especially art.

All experiences may be recycled and recreated into something precious.The purpose of my blog is to remind my audience, and myself, that art is healing, valuable, and powerful. My blog has become a journal that reinforces the importance of human emotions. I love to write because I’m fascinated with communication and language; there’s so much to say, if we wish to share. I’ve found comfort in poetry, reflective writing, and narrative. To compliment my blog’s work, I’ve incorporated dance, music, photography, filmography, and paintings to acknowledge that different art entities can be intertwined to become one. I lust to communicate all that desires to exude out of me. Creativity nurtures me, injects me with liveliness, and helps me discover pieces of who I am.



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