Thank you

Thank you for loving me as much as you do.
Thank you for lifting me when low, cried out, and dim.
Thank you for …
Motivating when sure I was done. This face often pretends.

I need you, all of you.

You believe, share strength, and remind She of determined ways…

Kisses on the lips, cheeks, forehead, hand, and neck from Family, Lovers, or Friends. I love to love, I also love to be loved.

I need you, all of you.

Running fingers through my hair when stressed, filing my nails, and wiping tears
You give me beauty-
especially when broken, empty, and shy
You deny the thoughts and experiences that tell me I’m unable, unappealing, and unattractive
You remove the mask from She
Show her a mirror, then transfer power to back to me, to She.
Thank you for …
Allowing She to know your presence. Down on her knees; I pray for each of you. Your love is my security blanket. Family, Lovers, and Friends, in this list find a piece of you. For this, I Thank You…

I need you, all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Amaris Jacobs.


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