She speaks

I share what I’m capable of giving because I don’t want to keep what’s yours to meet. I came to a conclusion long ago. I wish to bring sweetness in your life. I wish to be a reflection of what I see in you. The best version that lives in you is the only you I choose to meet. In this manner, I wish to remind you of life’s open goodness, so much of it exists… Like the Flowers, I give the nectar in me to you.

They take my nectar, and enjoy my sweetness. Yet, I’m treated as though I’m inexperienced with loving. All I want to do is love. Sweet, sensual, deep love. I’m crimanlized for loving in this mascara & lipstick of mine. Not all I do is for they. Still, I realize what’s missing. After all, we’re each worthy or in need of something. I’m best at sharing this love. This love, once mine, can’t be kept. Different types of love. Feel what you trigger from me. Receive the sensation of what’s yours to have. Am I naive when I’ve figured out a piece of who I am? I’m fulfilling the mission. Ignorance is bliss, if you choose not to understand.

Sweet-Love Blessings,
Amaris Jacobs.


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