New Moon

She forgives those who’ve hurt. Even the ones who pretend. I forgive you…


New Moon, October was a nightmare. She endured two lunar cycles of pain. She opened chest. Closure is a choice. Exposure. Pain to produce new levels of change. Metamorphosis. Close eyes, forget, and fly. No more She, not for them. Be wise. Burgundy lipstick, her new guise. Show this skin. Keep letting in. Your power is no disguise. She cries no more. Them tears, they cleansed. A lie, those tears are dried. Butterfly. S h e is who She is. It’s they who live attached to what doesn’t exist. She tried to abide, but She can only listen to within. They hurt she. They bore she. She switches. Miss her Good bye. Exquisite wings, She fly. New Moon, in your galore, I ask to bask and shine. Open the windows. Come. Glow. You’re all I adore. Arise. She grieves and lets go. New moon, awaken. She kisses goodnight with burgundy lips. Bares her fresh coat, pleasure is in this skin. Heart at peace, She sleeps. I use to know them.

She who dares wins.

Butterfly that dances – She is who She is. 



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