I ran to She

White butterflies flutter inside me. An out of control spiral of energy lives in my belly. I extend and contract this core. Metamorphosis, who I am can no longer be trapped inside. As the caterpillar sheds her cocoon, so do I.

My spirit ran to She. I knew She’d say the right words. I knew freedom was weakness in her arms. She’s headstrong; her words could prove me wrong. Where am I? Far from today’s reality. Show the unknown, the foundation of me. Cure me with your love and wisdom. Remind me of me.

What do you do when everyone around you is brand new? I can’t explain to you. Educate them, but understand these are our lives. They don’t know of origins. ‘ They talk so consciously. Their knowledge exudes naturally.’  Irony and proof some distilled consciousness from their mind. Read of our stories, but think of the story that runs streams in veins. These are our flashing memories and haunting aches. They only know what can be read, that’s partly the crime.

We danced in your living room. Young children. Loud music. Little dancing girls hiding from roots and struggles. We moved to create magic. I move to ignore mess. I move to create a better world. I live in another element. Rich, departed from superficial wealth. Untamed colorful imaginations, the only time I’m secure. Do you remember who you saw? What you’d hear? What I felt? Do you remember who I was?

‘I can’t believe you’re here. I’ve thought about you. You haven’t changed. Same little girl who does everything passionately. This is who you’ve always been.’

Then, why am I a foreigner? A component that doesn’t fully belong. These pieces of me that are distinct. The portions of me and we they “preach and teach”…  Failure to show humble heart; after all they teach them of me… of we. Their intellect is ego and arrogance, it succumbs me… fragile and weak.

I see fluorescent lights. Two heartbeats in the arms of She. Spirit ran to remind us of we. She’s strong, raw, and gentle. She’s woman meant to expose the coatings of me.

Metamorphosis, the transitional peak.


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