So, I wear this Veil

Authenticity and Sensitivity are undervalued.
The other She says they’re my super powers awakening.
My intuition senses something… however, that’s all it senses… something.
I want to believe She. Can She see I wear a veil?
They try to compose the emotional being that lives within the five layers of sheath. There’s a story I won’t repeat. I do this for another She, Mother. She didn’t raise her young without thick flesh. Rarely, did Mother-She allow a mess. So, I wear this veil.

She smiles. I wince. Underneath this Veil, what do you see? Eye connections, gifts for those who are so trustworthy.  A love addict, happy- pained young woman enchanted by sultry vibrancy. Polarities because this Veil hides me. Lift She’s Veil, a glimpse of reality, is in this ‘I can see‘. What do you know of me? What do they assume of She?  Rarely have time for immaturities. Grow up, toughen that streak. I don’t like to tell, but She teaches you that we each wear a Veil. Ask them, What do you see? What do you know of me?



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