She said “Let’s get into this Earth”.
It all was a dream from there-Rested head on the soil…
My eyes were heavy, but I managed to gaze. The Moon radiates: It’s Sky’s spotlight beaming and making us feel so pretty.
Head on the soil: connected and charged – I rode those good waves. I ended up far. The night was young, I traveled the nebulas. All night, laughs and smiles. I’m free. I’m happy!
1 cock tail 2 cocktail, it’s been a more than few.
I’m staring at this starry night with you.
Kissed summer goodbye, while Moon’s energy spiraled me outward. The night was young like me.
I started to dance to let myself be free.  
What’s the point of guarded hearts when there’s love between two?
In{love} with with the night. One too many drinks, the night and I moved. I was in motion. Somewhere along the way I got loose…
Starry night sky, diamond-looking Moon, you were my muse..

Midnight Backyard session


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