The whole world keeps spinning. The people keep going. I want to be still. Your scent and beauty has me impaired. I could free fall abruptly in the vortex of you. Forget the world’s timing, follow the fumes that lead to your sweet nectar. I’d walk on your petals. The wonders. If I could, I would make myself small enough to explore you. For now, I’ll pretend imaginations like this come true…

I woke up feeling too slow for the world- to slow to keep up. I’m tired.. When this happens I crave Nature’s vibrations. All it took was leaning my being against a tree, sitting, looking up at branches with growing flowers and leaves. The tree provided cool shade, but Sun & Sky  find ways to shine through.

It’s glistens. I love brightness & its works. We force ourselves to keep up with the world.. … World, keep going. I need a moment to be my present self. I sat up, connected sitbones to Earth, lifted my chest and offered Heart to Sky. I inhaled Prana.



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