Hello August

Happy New Moon! A new cycle begins.


Who knows what’s in store for us this month? Rarely do I pause to think of the future, but that has changed. As the days go by, I sense a self-transformation. July somehow helped me reclaim and find my divine power. In everything there is gratitude-that’s the thought that floats in my head. I was having one of those moments in which everything seemed to be going wrong.. Now I know…

Recognize everything is going right, even when it appears all is wrong. 

The pressures in life… [[!]] We each have personal stresses, worries, and commitments. At time’s it’s overwhelming. Yet, I find it’s too easy to complain when I don’t necessarily need to. I’m human, and life distracts me sometimes.

The mission is to seek gratitude in all, especially amongst ugly chaos – the usual lesson. Life constantly tests us, but it’s how we interact with the highs and lows that lead us closer to discovering several chambers of self: the greater good within (internal) and manifesting those discovered elements of self out into the world (external). Unfortunate personal experiences that occur beyond our control are subtle, yet defining moments. Find the oasis or create it, come out refreshed, and powerful. Sometimes we need the ugly in life, the painful, the non understandable. We shouldn’t question life’s intricacies because it halts the rhythm of what’s meant to be. I’ve learned not all is obtainable and that’s what puts us in a state of gratitude. These acts that put us in a place of  gratitude (also) connect individuals closer to personal destiny. I’m humbled. It’s the madness and what’s not easily understood that reveals inner truth. Don’t halt the rhythm life has for you by questioning all that you wish to understand. You’ll reject and deny the flow. This is a lesson of letting go. Cheers to August, another month of new discoveries and experiences ~


Amaris Jacobs.


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