New Moon

July helped me find my divine power. In everything there’s gratitude-

Recognize everything is right, even when it all appears wrong. 

We have stresses, worries, and commitments. It’s overwhelming. However, I find it’s too easy to complain. I make mistakes, and life distracts me too.

I seek gratitude, especially amongst chaos. Life tests us, but how we interact with highs and lows lead us closer to chambers of self, such as (internal) the greater good and (external) manifestation of your self discovered elements which execute out to the world (external). Unfortunate experiences occur beyond our control. Those moments are subtle, yet definitive. Find the oasis or create it. Exit refreshed and powerful. At times we are in need of the ugly in life, the painful, and understandable. Intricacies are apart of life’s rhythm to lead where we’re meant to be. Not all is obtainable, that’s what cultivates gratitude. Experiences which create humility and gratitude connect us closer to destiny. What’s not easily understood later reveals inner truth. Don’t halt the rhythm of your life by questioning everything you wish to understand. Otherwise, we deny the flow. This is a lesson of letting go.

New discoveries and experiences


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