Around this season, three years ago, I slowly fell out of love with the biggest passion of my life- dance. Today I find myself deeply in love with something dance and more, which is movement. This physical body of mine moves and articulates to express and share with you. Selfishly, I also move to arrive new dimensions of pure ecstacy.

Movement causes reality to morph into virtual reality. Movement takes me to an elevated state of being. I am attached to nothing, yet everything attached to me has potential to translate into something fresh and new.

In the past years, my personal relationship with dance has been interesting, to say the least. I’ve experienced several stages of expression, mood, and style. Once again I witness my language and expression evolving.

Dance and movement are my first and ever lasting loves. As a craft it can often frustrate me .. Luckily, even when I resist the urge express in movement my body waits patiently for me to return Home. I guess it makes sense that I would identify with movement. At times it appears I share much of me, it’s an illusion. There are several layers of self- through movement I have no boundaries. I share all of me with out desire or necessity to speak  words. The experience of movement: the whole world vanishes and all that exists is my spirit. At times, I find joy and comfort in being silent. Sometimes I wish to not speak, but I have this pent up energy waiting to release. Movement adds significant value to  joy, fun, pain, struggles, and more. It’s my emotions and experiences that are capable of creating magic and bliss. For instance, the most painful and wounding experiences leave me most inspired. I’m able to translate and pronounce my self with God’s gift, my physical body. Bold or subtle movement – I’m nurtured by creativity because I choose to live in harmony with self-imposed boundaries. Through movement, I surrender forever.

Amaris Jacobs.


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