Love is a powerful choice.


As one we sense, witness, and experience injustices, killings, violence, and hate. I hear and feel the world’s anger. I don’t deny anyone the right to those emotions. We are living a time filled with agony. I’m sad. The innocent is wounded – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We’re figuring out how to cope, survive, and push forward in this life, but the pain weighs heavy, and it fuels a hateful fire.

I pray that those who are happy savor and remain in their happiness. I pray those who have a heavy heart are protected, healed, and comforted by love…

Nonetheless, I have a responsibility outside of my prayers. In a world filled with so much pain, hate, and agony.. I’ve decided to stay fully committed to love. This is the first important step. Materialism is often over valued, but intentions are gifts to self, others, and the world. Best of all, intentions are obtainable by all.

What are your thoughts? What words come out of your mouth? What are you promoting? Are your actions helping our world and community connect?… or disconnect?

The world is filled with more than enough anger and hate. I ask that we all come from a place of loving kindness.

First, be kind to yourself- notice if you’re doing your best. Analyze whether your thoughts nurture or hurt you. I admit.. this is difficult. However, it’s when you cultivate love within yourself that you can then give onto others.

Next, practice being kind to strangers. Why do we avoid eye contact with one another? Let’s look at each other, realize we are in this life together, smile, and move forward in comfort. How can we all come together if we can barely stand to look at each other? Practice acts of solidarity with all who are around you; put extra effort in the communities in need. We can not deny the disparities either, but we can begin with eachother-amongst one another.

Condition yourself to emit positivity. It’s not wrong to step out of our comfort zone or boundaries if the goal is to exude pure authentic kindness.

Too often it seems like we experience life and it’s obstacles alone, but we forget that we are NOT alone. Someone in the world shares the same feelings or experiences as us.. or eventually will; this includes the moments and senses that are indescribable. Let’s not be satisfied with isolation nor anger. Instead, lets enrich our experiences with community and authentic love. Be and act as loving as you’d want the world and it’s members to treat you. Compliment, smile, hug, ask authentically how someone is doing, tell someone you love them, and that you’ll miss them. Remember to pause in this life: come Home, then connect with others. Right now, more than ever, the world is in need of love, lots of love. We are capable of sharing love because it is within us all. All it takes is time to seek..

*Black Lives Matter~All Lives Matter*

Peace, Love, Blessings, and Solidarity,
Amaris Jacobs.
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