Goodbye June.

In what feels like the blink of an eye the month of June has approached its close out. This month is special. We are 6 months into the year – Half way there! I hope we all learned and did something new!

This month is also special because I experienced a birthday (6/6). Another lap around the sun, Hello 23! I’m always impressed with life’s lessons, wisdom, and insight. I’m flourishing – witnessing and experiencing life through a shifted perspective. In this shift, I find myself outgrowing old habits, people, and searching internally for strength to remove what does not serve me or the world. Shout out to the beings who inspire me!

I learned people around me may never change; I have no control of that. All I and anyone have control of is ourself. We can not expect people to be the way we hope, but if we pay attention we’ll notice that our hopes and wishes reveal an inner truth, which ultimately is a revelation of the heart’s desires. (listen)

As I get older I realize elder individuals have difficulty revealing how they feel. Tell me, why do we emotionally harden as we get older? I’m guilty of heading this route too…

People tell you the truth if they want to. No one ever has difficulty letting you know the “facts”, but when these facts involve personal emotions… everything becomes blurry; an unknown mystery.

For instance, we can detect when someone loves us, even if they don’t tell us. Still, we crave reassurance.. because we don’t believe anything until data or evidence solidifies the information. Someone once told me “People need to be able to tell the truth to themselves before they can tell others”. Its true… Check in.

Sometimes we harbor what we wish to reveal; our ego gets in the way and stops us. Ego halts the ability to grow individually and with others. As you get older, realize It’s not wrong to feel deeply.. it’s not wrong to feel (ever). Sometimes we can’t help how we feel, we can only control our actions, but when we supress our feelings- our feelings end up controlling our actions.

Several wish to be in “control” of their emotions.  That’s what people do now a days.. they hide their true feelings hurting themself and those around them. This is what I mean by ‘being emotionally hardened’.. Emotions eat us alive, play games, and tricks..

You can not control how you feel, but you can control how you reveal what you feel. .

All this time I wanted to grow up. Now I wish to bean ignorant child- expressive and unconscious of reprecussions. I simply want to be, admit, and feel deeply. But everyone around me shows me other wise. Composure is the trend they wish to follow as we get older. I’m following my intuition. I wish to remain passionate. ‘Til next time loves!

Amaris Jacobs.


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